About North Asian International Research Journal Consortium

The North Asian International Research Journal Consortium (NAIRJC) is a global academic publisher that focuses on publishing journals, books, conferences, and library products and services. Their aim is to promote impactful research, support robust research methodology, and provide high-quality educational resources.

NAIRJC currently publishes five titles:

  1. North Asian International Research Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities
  2. North Asian International Research Journal of Business Economics and Management
  3. North Asian International Research Journal of Multidisciplinary
  4. North Asian International Research Journal of Science, Engineering and IT
  5. North Asian International Research Journal of Pharmaceutical and Medical Sciences

These journals publish monthly in English language and cover various fields of study, including social sciences, humanities, business economics, management, multidisciplinary research, science, engineering, IT, pharmaceutical sciences, and medical sciences.

In addition to journals, NAIRJC also publishes books with ISBN numbers.

Our Vision

NAIRJC aims to acquire both regional and international recognition in the scientific publishing world. They strive to publish progressive peer-reviewed research articles of excellent quality using an open-access model, without imposing any financial or other constraints on the readers. Their vision includes creating a dynamic and stimulating environment for research, development, and innovation in India.

Our Mission

NAIRJC's mission is to disseminate renowned scientific knowledge across a wide spectrum. They aim to promote knowledge, technological methods, and innovations for achieving sustainability. NAIRJC seeks to provide global access to knowledge in the fields of social sciences, management, science, engineering, and medical sciences. They aim to furnish articles of excellent quality to the global scientific community, giving researchers an opportunity to publish novel studies and review articles. NAIRJC strives to enhance research and establish a distinguished position in the world of scientific publishing.


NAIRJC is committed to publishing journals of the highest quality with a significant impact. They focus on presenting innovative research that furthers future advancements. All the journals published by NAIRJC are highly valued by their respective communities, and the brand is trusted to deliver valuable content worldwide. They do not publish low-quality or low-use titles, ensuring that each journal they publish maintains high standards.


NAIRJC aims to ensure that their journals are disseminated worldwide, allowing researchers to access the content easily and conveniently. They work closely with the international library community to make their journals accessible to institutions of all sizes. Their goal is to provide researchers with the necessary resources wherever and whenever they need them.

Continuous evolution

NAIRJC embraces technological advances to ensure researchers can access the latest content in the most convenient format. They continuously evolve their publishing practices to increase the usage and discoverability of their content. By adopting new technologies and formats, NAIRJC aims to provide intuitive ways for the research and professional community to access their journals. All their journals are mobile-optimized, catering to the needs of researchers on-the-go.

Open Access Model:

NAIRJC follows an open-access model of publication, which means that their research articles are freely available to readers without any financial barriers. This approach ensures that the research published by NAIRJC can reach a wide audience and have a greater impact on society. By removing access restrictions, they promote the dissemination of knowledge and foster collaboration among researchers globally.