Copyright Licensing Agreement for North Asian International Research Journal Consortium

has not previously been published and is not currently being considered elsewhere for publication in another journal and that I am (we are) the sole owner(s) of the manuscript thereof and of all rights, title, and interest therein.

I agree (on behalf of me and my coauthors) to the following:
  • This article authored by me/us is an original and genuine research work. It does not infringe on the right of others and does not contain any libelous or unlawful statements. It has not neither been submitted for publication nor published elsewhere in any print/electronic form.
  • I/We have taken permission from the copyright holder to reproduce the matter not owned by me and acknowledged the source.
  • I/We permit editors to publish the said paper in the journal or in any other means with editorial modification, if any.
  • I/We assign all the copyright of this article to the journal, and have not assigned any kind of rights for its publication to any other publisher(s).
  • I/We agree to indemnify the Editors, of Journals of North Asian International Research Journal Consortium against all claims and expenses arising from any breach of warranty on my/our behalf in this agreement.
  • In case of a paper by multi-authored article, I/corresponding author have obtained permission to enter into agreement and assign copyright from all the co-authors, in writing and all the co-authors have thoroughly read and agreed with above warranties and authorization.
  • In case of publication of the article in the journal, I/We hereby assign copyright to the North Asian International Research Journal Consortium for its publication in any form/language including all media (print and electronic, or presently unknown), and exclusive right to use the matter for the life of the work (no time restriction on re use of matter). Journal and North Asian International Research Journal Consortium may assign its rights under this Agreement.
  • All disputes subject to Pulwama Court jurisdiction only. This Copyright Licensing Agreement comes into force the day of sending this completed electronic form. Please kindly enter your name, address, and e-mail address (and the names of your co-authors).